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Welcome to my Integrated Therapy & Coaching Services

It is great to meet you, and welcome to my website. I work with clients on a wide variety of topics, mainly using the beautiful and powerful methodology of Internal Family Systems integrated with Somatic Experiencing®. I also offer Integral Coaching® and weave in coaching tools and skills to serve my clients deeply as required. 

If you would like to have a free chat to see how I might be able to support you, I would be delighted to meet with you and see how I can help you move towards greater freedom, enjoyment and integration in your life.

Unfortunately, I am not taking on new clients at the moment.

Please feel free to check back later as I update my page regularly. 

Here is a 5 minutes intro video where I talk a little bit about how I came to do the work I am doing and how I can help you. 


I also talk briefly about how I integrate Internal Family Systems with the two other modalities of Somatic Experiencing® and Integral Coaching®

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Areas of Expertise

Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing® & Integral Coaching® 

My Approach

I help my clients transform a wide variety of topics into greater experiences of calm, clarity, compassion, creativity, confidence and more. Some of the topics my clients work with are: 

  • Anxiety or Overwhelm in current life situation

  • Relationship problems or Communication issues that feel stuck

  • Depression or Burnout

  • Low self-worth and the Desire for Personal growth

  • Stress - at Work or Personally 

  • Health Issues

  • Pain Conditions or Chronic Conditions with no obvious physical cause or with a physical cause, but pain might be chronic or healing delayed. Parts can play a big role in these conditions. 

  • People pleasing and the Desire to be better able to set Boundaries or be more Authentic

  • Eating disorders

  • Phobias and obsessions

  • Difficulties at work

  • Issues from the past and Grief

  • Shadow work

  • Anger/Stress management

  • Addictions

  • Dental Phobias and Dental Anxiety

  • And more...

I recognize and work with multiplicity of mind, and I support my clients to get to know their "inner family system" of parts or subpersonalities. This is deeply transformative and healing work that also opens up for more Self energy to emerge in their system. Self energy is what and who we are at our core, and it is recognized by its unique qualities of inner calm, compassion, curiosity and more. 

Our inner parts can show themselves in a number of ways, from somatic sensations to emotions to thoughts to impulses or movements in the body. And as my clients get to know their parts they will typically understand more clearly why they behave the way they do or think the way they do in various life situations. And as parts or subpersonalities are connected with and understood, they can release some of their burdens they often carry, which allows for a more inner harmonies system to emerge. 

The main feedback I get from my client is how this work actually allows for the baseline of well-being to go up over time, meaning they get to relax and enjoy their lives more fully with less inner conflict and stress. 

Integrating the powerful methodology and wisdom of Somatic Experiencing® with Internal Family Systems also allows for the nervous system to regulate more deeply and contributes to increased resolution and transformation of traumas stored in the body. 

I offer sessions for individuals, and with my background in Integral Coaching®, I am also keen to supply my clients with various ways of developing capacities in their lives and topics when required. This can take the form of identifying one or two capacities for clients to work with in between sessions, and it can be something for clients to work on that we agree verbally or it can sometimes take the form of a written practice.


If this sounds exciting or interesting to you and you would like to have a chat with me and see how I can help you, please don't be shy and reach out for a chat. I'm here and would love to connect with you! 

Image by Daniel Roe
“Helena’s ability to meet me and hold the space for new and deeper understandings of what it means to be human to emerge between us, really was phenomenal. A developmental experience I will not forget.” 
LT, Edinburgh

Contact Me

If you are finding yourself struggling with any issues in your life and would like some support, please feel free to have a browse here to see how I can help you or get in touch for a chat or to book a session.  

I work online on Zoom

60 minutes sessions

Tel: +44 (0) 7525 745464

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