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Welcome to Helena Alder Coaching where I exist to empower you as a dentist to lead yourself out of stress, anxiety, burnout and pain, as well as leading and managing your staff and team members with greater effectiveness and impact as you do so. 

I call this becoming your own Inner Leader. 

I offer bespoke coaching programmes to support you achieve this, and please feel free to have a browse around and see how I can help you. I'm glad you're here. 

Stress & Anxiety

Being a dentist is a rewarding, but challenging career with many ups and downs. Stress, anxiety and also burnout and depression are no strangers to a lot of dentists. There are many contributing factors to stress and anxiety in our profession, but thankfully there are also many resources available to remedy and get to the root of your stress and anxiety in your clinical practice.     

Do you:

  • Feel persistent feelings of stress, anxiety or burnout when you are at work and dealing with patients?

  • Feel overwhelmed by the relentless daily grind of dentistry?

  • Struggle to know how to get your head above water and find some relief from the daily pressures?

  • Worry about going to work on a regular basis, or are you kept up at night thinking about patients and treatment plans and outcomes?

  • Experience persistent physical pain that does not go away in spite of nothing being wrong physically?

  • Try setting up systems to support you or set new intentions to show up differently, but you end up falling into the same old traps regularly anyway?

  • Feel like you are firefighting every day?

Would you like to:

  • Feel more enjoyment in your daily practice as a dentist and more light-hearted about going to work every day?

  • Feel more inner calm and in control of how your day unfolds?

  • Develop reliable strategies that you can employ when things do not go according to plan with patients?

  • Actually enjoy seeing patients every day?

  • Be able to work constructively with your worries, not letting them run you and stop them from ruminating in the background at all times?

  • Feel more confident in your abilities as a dentist and take on more complex treatment plans?

  • Not worry about being sued and letting this stop you progressing on your career path?

Leadership as a Dentist
of Yourself and Others

To me, being your own inner leader first of all looks like taking charge of your own clinical situation and any stress, anxiety, burnout or depression that is impacting you in your practice and well-being as a dentist.


You've worked so hard to get to where you are, and yet, the daily grind as a dentist can be truly challenging and downright hard. This isn't what you signed up for when you first entered dental school. At least that was the case for me. 

Hence, having an experienced dentist who's also an Integral Coach™ to support you take charge and turn things around can be invaluable. Supporting you untangling your unique situation and providing a personalised and compassionate approach to address any struggles and areas of challenge you are facing at the moment, will allow for relief and a road map for your path forward of your Inner Leadership as a dentist. 

The GDC maps out the four key areas of Development Outcomes (A,B,C,D) for CPD for dentists. The first two categories A and B speak to the requirement of effective communication across dentistry, as well as effective management of self and others in the interest of patients, providing constructive leadership when appropriate.

As the complexity and requirements within dentistry keep increasing, COVID is upon us and seemingly here to change the ways of practicing dentistry for quite some time, effective management and leadership of self and others is more crucial than ever before. All in service of ourselves as dentists, of our dental team and of our patients. 

Read more about: 

Meet Helena

Dentist and Integral Master Coach™. Specialist in working with emotional difficulties and trauma for dentists using Integral Coaching® in a unique blend with Somatic Experiencing®.


Helena is expert at helping dentists thrive and minimise their feelings of stress, worry, anxiety and overwhelm that can come with being a dentist. What allowed for her to thrive as a dentist was her relentless search for practices, tools and ways to overcome her own anxiety and stress as a clinician. She worked and thrived in private practice for 15 years, as well as briefly within the NHS. 

Her passion is to support you as a dentist to face your own struggles with compassion and a deep understanding of what it actually takes on all levels to be a dentist. From there she offers a path forward that will allow for you to create sustainable change in the area of your struggle. 

She calls this developing your own leadership skills in daily clinical practice, especially by becoming your own inner leader. This also includes supporting you manage your staff effectively and delivering excellent patient care with confidence as you do so. 

Helena worked as a dentist for 15 years in private practice, initially in Norway where she is from, before practising 11  years in the UK. She also held a shorter contract in the NHS.

She now coaches dentists full time towards greater inner and outer leadership skills and enjoyment in their daily practice towards a life beyond stress, anxiety and burnout.    

Her Coaching Programmes are CPD Accredited.


You can earn up to 20 Hours Core CPD through working with her.

From My


Work With Me



I have recently completed eight sessions of mindfulness with Helena and I would thoroughly recommend this pathway to other dentists. The fact that Helena is herself also a dentist means that she has first hand experience of the difficult situations that our career can present.

Her pleasant and caring manner were also first class.Each session was very well led and explained and Helena kindly produced a synopsis for me of some of the main learning points when I requested this ,which I found invaluable. 


Thank you Helena for helping me to discover what mindfulness has to offer. In my opinion, it offers a lot to dentists at work and also outside of work and I feel that there must be many many colleagues that would find the techniques very helpful.


Jon Henley, Dentist


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