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It is great to meet you, and welcome to my web-site. I work with clients on a wide variety of topics, mainly using the beautiful and powerful methodology of Internal Family Systems integrated with Somatic Experiencing®. I also offer Integral Coaching® and weave in coaching tools and skills to serve my clients deeply as required. 

If you would like to have a chat to see how I might be able to support you, I would be delighted to meet with you and see how I can help you move towards greater freedom and enjoyment in your life.

Areas of Expertise

Internal Family Systems, Somatic Experiencing®, Integral Coaching® & Dental Anxiety & Phobias

The Buddha is known to have said that "Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional". This is a phrase I often find myself repeating to myself in my own life. We all know that life can and will inevitably bring the toughest of challenges to our doorstep, sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes they more steadily approach us from a distance.


As a human being I have been intensely interested in and curious about  for as long as I can remember how to transform or remove these obstacles in our lives in order to thrive and expand and enjoy our lives to the fullest. 

This is what brought me to train in a wide range of modalities in order to support my clients in the many topics that life presents, and I truly believe in working with each client as the unique individual they truly are.

My own quest has taken me from studying to become a dentist many years ago, to diving head first into many forms of personal development, meditation, integral theory and coaching as well as the powerful somatic modalities of Somatic Experiencing® and Internal Family Systems. Having experienced the deeply transformative benefits of applying these modalities to my own experience and challenges, it led me to become a full-time therapist and coach as well as a Zen-priest in training.

Image by Daniel Roe
“Helena’s ability to meet me and hold the space for new and deeper understandings of what it means to be human to emerge between us, really was phenomenal. A developmental experience I will not forget.” 
LT, Edinburgh

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If you are finding yourself struggling with any issues in your life and would like some support, please feel free to have a browse here to see how I can help you or get in touch for a chat or to book a session.  

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