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CPD Accredited Coaching Programmes 

You can earn up to 20 Hours Core CPD through working with me.  

Meet Helena

Dentist, Integral Master Coach™, stress less expert, 

mum, wife and passionate learner for life. 

Here is my story of dealing with stress as a dentist. I came from a family of dentistry, and becoming a dentist I quickly realised that I had the advantage of having "dentistry in my bones". But I also just as quickly realised that what I didn't have were the skills and capacities to deal with the amount of stress and overwhelm that the responsibilities and the nature of being a dentist brought along with it. Ouch. Quite literally. You can read more HERE.

So this is my passion and my mission: To help dentists like you experiencing stress and overwhelm in your daily job as a dentist to thrive and live a happy and resilient life in the face of today's unpredictable world.


The COVID-19 crisis is still with us, and to me developing new ways of being in this amount of uncertainty is more important than ever before.


Welcome to Helena Alder Coaching. I exist to help you thrive, not just survive as a dentist in today's uncertain world.  

Start Your


Three core areas. Curiosity about getting to know yourself.

You as a dentist looking for traction, wanting to thrive, not survive.

Leadership of Self. Leadership of Others. Freedom from Pain. Welcome to Leadership Coaching for Dentists by Helena Alder. 

Earn up to 20 HOURS of Verifiable CPD hours through working with me and my Leadership Coaching Programmes for Dentists.


From My


Work With Me



I have recently completed eight sessions of mindfulness with Helena and I would thoroughly recommend this pathway to other dentists. The fact that Helena is herself also a dentist means that she has first hand experience of the difficult situations that our career can present.

Her pleasant and caring manner were also first class.Each session was very well led and explained and Helena kindly produced a synopsis for me of some of the main learning points when I requested this ,which I found invaluable. 


Thank you Helena for helping me to discover what mindfulness has to offer. In my opinion, it offers a lot to dentists at work and also outside of work and I feel that there must be many many colleagues that would find the techniques very helpful.


Jon Henley, Dentist


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and get traction on your leadership skills as a dentist directly to your inbox. I promise not to bombard you. 


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Mobile Number: +44 (0) 7525 745464   /     Email: info@helenaalder.com  

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