Meet Helena

Dentist, Integral Master Coach™, stress less expert, mum, wife and passionate learner for life. 

Helena Alder is a dentist and Integral Master Coach™. She has extensive experience in helping dentists approach their daily challenges and stresses with more inner calm, be it clinically or personally.

Herself a dentist she understands the great pressures dentists and clinical professionals are under on a daily basis, and with her own long term background in mindfulness meditation and personal development, she is passionate about helping dentists and doctors thrive, not just survive.   

She has been searching for tools and technologies to gain greater calm and inner peace in her own life for the best of 20 years, and she hopes that what she has discovered will serve you well.  

She grew up in a family of dentists and started out working at her dad's private dental practice in Norway at the tender age of 13. So you might say that dentistry is in her genes. Her interest in personal development and leadership started already back in dentist school as she was looking for strategies to deal with feelings of overwhelm and anxiety whilst going through the degree. The interest in powerful leadership of others awoke in general practice when managing and leading staff as well as figuring out how to skilfully deal with and communicate with patients. 

So has always having enjoyed the challenges of being a dentist, and it's also been central to her to keep finding practical and effective ways to lead herself and others As a part of this she goes on week long meditation retreats every year and engage in a variety of practices for personal, spiritual and interpersonal development. 

Helena has been a dentist in private practice since 2004, but is now a full time coach. Alongside her own coaching practice she is also on faculty for Integral Coaching Canada as a phone coach as well as giving written feedback to students on recorded coaching conversations. 

You either take control of your stress or it takes control of you.

It’s that simple.

Helena Alder

My Mission

I believe that being a dentist doesn't have to be stressful nor hard. There are so many challenges that are part of being a dentist today, and I am able to help you develop effective and powerful leadership of self and others to enable you to do the dentistry that you love. 

I also specialise in working with people in physical and/or emotional pain. The way I do this is through using Somatic Experiencing® which is a powerful approach to work directly with the nervous system through conversation. Always please see a medical doctor to rule out any evident pathology. 

​My Qualifications

  • Dentist (C.Odont., University of Bergen, Norway, 2004)

  • Integral Master Coach™ (Integral Coaching Canada, 2011)

  • Currently undertaking certification Somatic Experiencing Practitioner® (to qualify 2020)

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