Let’s Change Your Life as a Dentist

Integral Coaching® is a powerful methodology that is designed to work with your way of being, particularly in an area of your work or life that you struggle with as a dentist. Integral Coaching® involves getting acquainted with your deeply held beliefs and assumptions about what is possible and not in your life or work as a dentist, and then seeing and changing the behaviour that you most commonly manifest as a result of those deeply held beliefs.

As a result of this we can then start to challenge and question these beliefs and assumptions and explore and open up for new possible beliefs that will support you in moving in the direction you desire. Does this sound too technical and like hard work? It’s actually not. In my experience this is deeply rewarding work and play. 


Getting to know ourselves more deeply can be challenging, but also exciting. Uncomfortable, but also super interesting and a crucial step to help you move in the direction you long for as a leader of yourself and others as a dentist.

I combine Integral Coaching® with Somatic Experiencing® in a unique blend to support you address your challenges as a dentist in the most effective and rewarding way. 

I offer two packages for Leadership Coaching for Dentists consisting of 6 or 11 sessions.


This is what is included in my fees: 


Each session lasts 1 hour. The first two sessions can last up to 1,5 hours 

Prep before each session 30 minutes 


Practice design and write up after each session 30 minutes

Unlimited email support between each session and a check in on the phone if required

Design of your uniquely tailored Coaching Programme which takes approximately 2-3 hours between your first and second sessions. 

6 Session SILVER Package £995

11 Session GOLD Package £ 1750

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