Effective Leadership of Others as a Dentist

As a dentist and a clinician you have many responsibilities that come on top of carrying out the actual dentistry. You are dealing with staff, with patients, receptionists, dental technicians and also other support staff, be it your tech guy and whomever else.


To do this well and smoothly there are several skills that are effective tools in your tool kit as a dentist and a leader, and it pays off to invest in honing your skills here. I've tried them all and honed my skills in applying them over the years as a clinician.


This is a real passion of mine to help you take more charge as a dentist in leading others and in turn feel more empowered and satisfied in your job and life. 

Would you like to be better able to: 

  • Apply impactful communication skills for effective communication with patients, staff and colleagues? 

  • Be better able to manage conflicts effectively in the clinical setting and personally?

  • Manage a stressful environment and patient expectations with increased skill?

  • Delegate and instruct your staff effectively in a way that empowers them to want to do their best?

  • Be able to empower those around you - patients or members of the dental team through effective use of feedback and support?

  • Team work – looking at the bigger picture and understanding what makes the team work cohesively and with purpose and passion?

  • Discover how preparation for difficult conversations and also time management may impact your ability to handle the difficult patient?  

  • To be able to set boundaries in relationships as required and empower others within your dental team to do the same?

  • Skilfully listen and speak so that patients and dental team members feel heard and also want to hear you as the dentist?

  • Discover the power of using mindfulness-based techniques as a way to calm down your stress response and nervous system? ​

  • If applicable to you, discover how bringing in a wider view and a more spiritual perspective on your work and life can support you in the most unexpected ways? 

If this sounds interesting to you, please get in touch for a non-obligation chat and see how Leadership Coaching for Dentists can help you.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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