Effective Leadership of Yourself as a Dentist

You know as well as I that there are a lot of stressful situations that occur in dentistry as part of being a clinician and working with people.


The mouth is an unpredictable environment to begin with, and then dealing patients and staff can add to the complexity of everyday working life in the clinic. Patients' expectations keep rising and let’s not forget full patient diaries and most likely a hectic pace of work throughout your day.  

This is where effective management and leadership of self come in. Questions like: 


  • How do I effectively deal with my stress response in the heat of the action as I’m in the middle of a difficult extraction on a nervous patient and the clock is ticking?

  • How do I communicate skilfully to my patient? To my nurse?

  • How do I manage my time more effectively so that I can feel in control and minimise the impact on my body and nervous system of these unexpected situations?

  • How can I prepare and understand what it is that specifically sets off my stress response that is unique to me as I take charge and manage myself as a dentist in my daily clinical practice?  

These are some of the questions that we explore as part of leadership coaching for dentists. ​Does this sound interesting to you?

Would you like to be better able to:

  • Identify what is your main drive as a dentist, your WHY, your purpose, your passion? 


  • Manage your unique stress response and uncover what is it that most frequently causes you to go into your specific stress response?  


  • Improve your time management and develop systems that support you achieving excellence as a dentist? 


  • Develop more self-awareness in areas of your personal and professional development? For instance identifying your strengths and weaknesses as a clinician and a communicator and a human being?


  • Identify what your values are as a dentist as you lead yourself and others and in providing excellent patient care, including care for yourself and those around you in your dental surgery? 


  • Become a better communicator to empower you and those around you?  


  • Increase your emotional intelligence?

  • Be better equipped at managing difficult thoughts and feelings?  

  • Experiment with your work life balance. How do you ensure downtime that actually nourishes you and doesn’t drain you further?  

  • Understanding the role of the body in managing stress and well-being?

  • And more... 

I am able to help you:

  • Uncover your current preferences for how you are dealing with any overwhelm or stress as a dentist, and from there support you to take new action that is tailored to your unique situation.

  • Uncover any underlying beliefs or limiting assumptions that might be holding you back or tripping you up; getting to know these and replacing them with more constructive ones.

  • Feel more inner calm and enjoyment in your practice as a dentist.

  • Develop systems and strategies that are suited to support you in your specific clinical situation.

  • Find practices to support your unique physiology and nervous system to become more resilient and more easily settled under pressure and stress.

  • Apply tools that are tailored to enable ease of communication with patients and staff in the dental setting, minimising risk as you do so.

If this sounds interesting to you please get in touch for a non-obligation chat and see how Leadership Coaching for Dentists can help you.


I'm looking forward to hearing from you! 

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